Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Coastal Stay at Home Mom's Summer Schedule

As much as I would love to pack up my two small children every day and bring them to the beach, then return home covered in sand, then clean-up said sand…umm wait…yeah right! And just because I am a stay at home mom doesn't mean I want to clean the entire house every day. Instead I have come up with a summer schedule to keep us busy and happy. And when Dad is home, he can join in the fun too! There is a little time every day for cleaning and time for play. Feel free to use for yourself, I can send you the template directly in a Word format, because of course every house is different.  My schedule is also a rough estimate, my goal is to be starting by the next activity by the hour indicated on the sheet.  And because I will be doing some business work from home, this schedule allows me time to fit that in.   

I have two new ideas I plan on using this summer that you will see on the schedule...an Activity Jar and a Field Trip Jar.  In our Field Trip Jar I plan on putting in trips like the library, beach, park, the Garden's, downtown, etc. - all are little to not cost.  We will also choose a few field trips that have a cost as well.  This way we get to experience something different every week.  For our Activity Jar - I plan on using both education and fun activities, this is also where my little guy may end up with a little extra TV or game time.  Some of our activities will include 1 hour TV, 1 hour video games, board games, crafts, drawing, painting, baking, reading or workbooks...etc.  For those of you with more than one older child, there is no bias here, just the luck of the draw.  You won't have to hear complaining because Mom picked so and so's activity over mine.  


  1. could you send this to me at finleesmama@yahoo.com, it is such a great idea!!!

  2. I love this!!! Could you send this to me, please? :) mamafalsetto@gmail.com
    Thank you sooooo much!!

  3. This is a wonderful summer schedule! Just what I was looking for. Would you mind sending it to hdudley0923@hotmail.com? Thanks!

  4. Can you send this to me please? It's perfect!

    1. Sure! You can private message me at coastalinspiration@gmail.com so I can reply to your email or post your email address here.

  5. I would LOVE to have this schedule, if you're still able/willing to share it? If so, can you please send it to rbcwgrl02@yahoo.com? It's going to be my summer life saver! :)