Thursday, April 9, 2015

6 Reasons to Have Your Coastal Inspired Wedding in the Florida Keys

1.) The venue possibilities are endless when you are planning your wedding in the Florida Keys. Whether you choose a dockside locale or something a little more historic like the Hemingway House there is sure to be a venue that fits you perfectly! 

2.) It wouldn't be Coastal Inspired if you weren't on the beach with yours toes in the sand. 


3.) Raise the bar with custom sand castle art for your wedding day! Or if you a little need help popping the question!  Check out SandIsle

4.) A boat full of beer on a sandy beach!  Need we say more!  

5.) Looking like you just stepped out of a magazine in your beachy wedding dress never looked so easy!  

6.) Mother Nature never ceases to amaze here in the Florida Keys.  


Our friend at Mary Veal Photography captured all these photos.  For more Coastal Wedding Inspiration follow her work on Facebook and Pinterest. Then start planning your wedding in the Florida Keys.  Not sure where to start - how about with an awesome photographer to capture all these perfect little moments.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Warming Up My DIY Skills With The Bathroom

Usually when your mother-in-law comes to visit you don't get to do things like remodel your bathroom.  But she was the perfect partner in crime to help me get my way and get this project rolling.  

Here is another example of me forgetting to take before pictures until I was halfway through destruction.  

So let me give you a little backstory on this before photo.  When we moved in our house Mike told me, I better not come home and there is a wall down.  Ok, no problem! See that spot where there is no paint, that used to be a tall storage cabinet, a nice one, but it was a little crowded there when we were giving the kids a bath.  Since there is a linen closet in the bathroom I really did not see the need for it, so I removed it to another location.  Which would be fine, but what you can't see is that whoever installed this bathroom decided not to finish all the drywall behind the vanity and cabinet, leaving a big hole back there!  This was a few days after we moved in.  So when Mike came home I made sure to tell him that I did not take down any walls, then showed him what I had done.  Hehe.  I stuck a small storage self in front of it and lived with it for as long as I could.  

Here are some more for your viewing pleasure.  Man, bathrooms are pretty ugly sometimes!


All we really did is add beadboard and change the paint color.  We don't want to do too much work, because right now it is a Jack and Jill bath between the master and main living area.  Once we redo the second even uglier bathroom it will become just the master.  

So it turned into a little bit of a challenge though because it turns out the walls and floors were not exactly even, so we had to get crafty with the trim work.  With just that little bit of work it made a huge difference and feels much cleaner in there.  We still need to do a few small little details like the lights and the light switch covers.  At the end of the day though, it's a bathroom.  

My swimming ladies are back! 

Don't tell Mike, but I think I am ready to take some walls down now!  

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Chair from the Trash, Why My Walls are White, and my Favorite Pop of Color

I always forget to take before pictures until I am about halfway started with a project, but I pulled this chair from the trash down the street (I always get flack for doing this, but then when a project is complete it's a different story).  Anyway, it turns out it is the perfect chair to complete my desk setup.

Since my desk area is in the middle of our living space it had to be clean and pretty, so it was really hard to find a non-invasive desk for the space.  It took me at least a month to pick out this silly desk, and look how simple it is!  The white desk and white walls make a great backdrop for my favorite pop of color, a bright pool blue.  (I have long since lost the paint chip that has the actual color on it, so I would tell you exactly what it is but I can't.)  To tie it all together and the inspiration for the look is a photo I took while we were out on the boat.  I had it printed on a large canvas to hang above the desk.  The lamp on the desk, believe it or not is from PBTeen.  So hopefully it is complete for now, until I get another brilliant idea!