Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Easy Transformation

Many of you know that the easiest way to transform a look in your home is with some paint.  Well for one look in my home, I transformed an old picture frame into a piece of stylish beachy decor. I have no idea where this picture frame came from and had a hard time finding any use for it except hanging it on the wall with a piece of ribbon and no picture inside.  To give it a new life and purpose, I decided it needed some paint and a new ribbon.

The paint that I chose for this project is actually from the stripes I painted in my sons room (I can show you that project another day.)  I scuffed it up a little bit with some sandpaper to give the paint something to stick to.  As you can see I left the frame open with no picture.  I think the frame itself had the perfect look I was going for.  I also left it not perfectly painted so it kind of has an antiqued look.  The only ribbon I had around that day was bright green, but that is easily changeable on another day.  (That day has yet to come, but hey I will get around to it one of these days)

See my completed look below....

To my look which is in a little hallway leading to the bathroom is a few seashells, a wooden sign from TJ Maxx a votive candle holder with a few more seashells and a blue vase with christmas lights inside.  A good way to show off some of your beach finds and tie the whole look together.  I tried to keep my paint and the colors of these items in the same color family so the display doesn't seem so thrown together.

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