Monday, February 6, 2012

Project: Chalk It Up!

I am not sure what possessed me to do this project.  I originally just wanted to repaint to coffee table white or gray to add some coastal whimsy into our décor.  But then I decided to make the top of the table more kid-friendly by adding chalkboard paint!

Phase 1:  I sanded the finish to give the paint something to “stick” to.

Phase 2: I painted the whole table in a leftover light gray paint from another project.

Phase 3:  Following the instructions on the chalkboard paint, I painted the top of the table.

And that’s it the whole project took two days due to allowing the chalkboard paint to cure for 24 hours.  I think it turned out great, I don't know who likes it more my 4 year old son or my 27 year old fiance!

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